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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you determine the right approach to your website project.

01. What Services does J-Tech Offer?

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) using Joomla.
  • Mobile-Friendly website development.
  • Logo and graphic design utilizing sub-contractors.
  • SEO Optimization
  • Website Maintenance
  • Re-design of an existing website
02. The Website Development Process at J-Tech

  • Ask client what the business has to offer to help determine the direction of the project.
  • Review client's current site to determine if minor changes or a complete re-design is required.
  • Determine who is the target audience for the client's website.
  • What is the main goal of the client website?
  • What is the deadline for your website project?
  • Who will provide content for the website?
  • Determine if business branding is required.
  • What is your budget for the project?
  • Who will be handling maintenance once the site is launched?
03. How Long Will Your Website Project Take?

The scope of the website project will determine the completion date. The following will help in determining the amount of time required.

  • You will need to provide a list of requirements to determine the scope of the project.
  • If the site requires graphics, that will add to the project completion.
  • I can use past projects to estimate a project timeline.
04. What Information will J-Tech Require?

  • Is there an existing site that requires a re-design?
  • Do you have or require a domain name?
  • Do you have or require website hosting?
  • Do you have or require a company logo?
  • Can you provide a summary of the type of business?
  • Do you have or require photography and graphics.
  • You will need to provide the content for the site.
05. Will I have Input During the Development Phase?

  • Access to a test web address will be provided to the client for their review.
  • This access will be provided once the website structure is in place.
  • The client can request minor changes to the website during this time.
  • Major changes would require an additional consultation with the client.
06. I Want to Expand the Scope of the Project. What's Next?

  • J-Tech will be happy to quote a new price for new website functions.
  • Minor changes can be handled on an hourly basis of under a maintenance contract.
  • Examples of functions that would require a quote would be a member's area, blog, ecommerce, etc., etc.
07. What is J-Tech's Pricing Model?

  • J-Tech uses value pricing to determine the cost of your website project.
  • A set price is determined for the value to you of creating a website for your business.
  • I'm a freelance website developer and my cost of doing business is very low.
  • J-Tech uses frameworks and templates to keep the cost of developing your website low.
If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly at jimjacobus@outlook.com

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